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Big Wave in Delray Beach

This is amazing for Delray Beach.

A group of young surfers heading into the ocean.

Surf's Up!

This weekend in southeast Florida was unusual in that we had waves, big 5 to 6 foot waves. Exciting stuff for all of the surfers in our area. This only happens once or twice a year, and only when the weather is just right. The weather was just right this weekend and people were loving the big, crashing waves. They were such an incredible color too, it looked like they might have gotten some of their color from the sand they picked up as they came roaring toward the shore. That picking up sand business is not such a good thing, the erosion has been out of control this weekend too.

Big waves in Delray Beach.

The wind is blowing the tops right off of these waves.

Of course I had to head out to the beach with my camera, and big, heavy 100-400mm lens which let me get in pretty close on the surfers and the surf. I had to shield my lens from the salt, the wind was kicking up pretty good out of the north. I actually just pulled the bottom out of my camera bag (it was a small one) and used it to semi-protect my lens from the onslaught of salt. Even though my camera and lens are weatherproof, I try not to abuse that. In fact, it’s a very good idea to clean your camera and lenses when returning from a shoot at the beach. You don’t want to leave all that salt on your equipment.

A surfer catches a great wave in Delray Beach on Sunday.

One of the many great waves to be had this weekend.

Surfer riding a wave in Delray Beach Florida

There were lots of waves for everyone.

A surfer riding a wave.

Another great ride on the unusual waves in Delray Beach Florida this weekend.

Surfer catching a wave at Delray Beach Florida.

The waves just kept on coming this weekend.

A surfer riding a wave in Delray Beach Florida.

Look at the color of these waves. Incredible.

A young boy riding a wave in Delray Beach Florida.

This young man is quite the surfer dude.

I can’t seem to go anywhere that an osprey might be without seeing one, so I’ve included some pix of a young male osprey that circled by me several times on Saturday and another one came by on Sunday. What a beautiful sight silhouetted against the deep blue sky.

We had a really great beach weekend. The surf looked more like Daytona Beach than Delray Beach, ok, I’m pushing it, but one can dream!

Check out the sights for yourself!

The view looking south on Delray Beach.

The view looking toward the south on Delray Beach.

A surfer catches a ride on a wave in Delray Beach Florida.

Waves, Waves, Waves!!!

A male osprey flying along the shoreline.

This osprey was busy cruising for some chow.

An osprey overhead looks down at my camera lens.

This osprey took a moment to check out my camera lens on his way by.

A young girl on the shoreline checking out the surf.

A young girl on the shoreline checking out the surf.

A surfer is hidden by the spray from the wave he's riding.


The spray is still hanging in the air as this wave crashes down.

The spray is still hanging in the air as this wave crashes down.